Purpose of The Co-parenting Council

The purpose of The Co-parenting Council is to further positive co-parenting for the children of separated families. Achieving this purpose is through:

Co-parenting Research

The Co-parenting Council brings together existing research, provides expert opinion and analysis, carries out and commissions their research into the areas of separation, childhood, parenting, relationships, effective communications, parental alienation, and positive co-parenting.

Co-parenting Education

The Co-parenting Council works to educate parents, officials, and society on the academic, emotional, physical, and societal benefits of positive co-parenting on the children and the adults involved, and the broader benefits to the community.

Co-parenting Awareness

The Co-parenting Council primarily promotes positive co-parenting through the development of their education programme ‘The Co-parenting Programme‘.

The Co-parenting Council supports other organisations in their understanding and promotion of positive co-parenting and provides spokespeople and expert opinion for the media and organisations wishing to discuss co-parenting.